Who Are We?

We are Pack 191! We are a group of energetic and fun loving boys from the Corinth, Hickory Creek, and Lake Dallas communities. There are about 70 of us but we are always looking for more that want to join us!

We are chartered by the Thousand Hills Church in Corinth, Texas. We typically meet on the third Monday of each month at 7:00pm for our Pack meeting and a couple other times a months for individual den meetings. Each den is different on the days they meet.

We are a group driven by friendship and families. Unlike later on in Boy Scouts, when most of the things we do on our own, in Cub Scouts our parents are involved with us in our growth and learning. Our parents contribute greatly to success of our pack by doing things like volunteering at events, taking on leadership roles, and just being present at functions to watch us do what we do.

What Do We Do?

From the pictures above you can see we like to do a lot of things. We typically have a camp out twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. These are a lot of fun and help us check off many things needed for our rank advancement. Nothing brings out the spirit of fun and friendly competition like our annual Pinewood Derby race. We give back to our communities with service projects like adopt a street clean up programs, Memorial day cemetery ceremonies, and food drives.

Sometimes we have special guest, and sometimes we get to see special places. We get to see and experience a wide array of things we probably never would playing in our backyards.

We do a fundraiser once a year to sell popcorn. This typically funds all of our activities and we usually do something fun at the end of the year with what is left. The last couple years we have used the money to reserve a local water park for a few hours one night and we get the whole place to ourselves! Our entire families get together for a night of water fun and pizza!