Recruiting Rallies!

Pack 191 is gearing up for our fall recruiting rallies. These events are important for growing our pack.

This year we will have three recruiting rallies.

Aug 22 (Tue) – Hawk Rally 6pm @ Hawk ES
Aug 24 (Thur) – Corinth Rally 6pm @ Corinth ES
Aug 30 (Wed) – CCA Rally 6pm @ Corinth Classical Academy

If you are interested in joining our pack then please join us at one of the above rallies!

Pack 191 current members: We need your help on the recruiting rally nights!

– In order to help the Pack grow, we are asking for assistance from current Scout families. Consider this a way to pay it back for the fun and growth our Scouts have already enjoyed.
– We are asking parents to assist potential Scouts in the building of their rockets. This consists primarily of handing out duct tape for fins and nose cones.
– Arrow of Light and Webelos Scouts especially are needed to assist prospective Scouts build their rockets and run the launcher. I know many have been itching for the opportunity to have this responsibility.

Additionally, Scout that help in two or more recruiting rallies earn the Recruiter strip for their uniform. Scouts attending all three rallies earn a special Cubmaster recognition.

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4th of July Parade!

We had a small showing of scouts at the 4th of July Parade.

Great job guys!

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Pinewood Derby!

Pack 191 holds their pinewood derby on an annual basis. In the past it has always been in January. Why January? Good question. Some may say its because its winter and we need indoor events because of the cold. It could also be because there is always a special guest that shows up at our Christmas party in December and gives all the boys pinewood derby car kits!

The track may look a little different than what many of us remember from our scouting days. The track is much longer and made from aluminum. Cars glide along the smooth track at scale speeds over 130 MPH! Race format is all computerized and scoring is electronic. Results and race information are displayed on the wall from a projector.

More information will be posted about the upcoming pinewood derby as its gets closer. For now take a look at some of the shots from the last couple of years.




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